Index Creative Village, transforming new business

Index Creative Village, transforming new business to gain strength in every aspect revealing challenging investment
of“Creativity-Added”, which is to add creativity and bring values to penetrate the market across any platforms in depth
with accuracy.

Index Creative Village is transforming new business to gain strength in every aspect to underlie and connect every industrial group precisely. Revealing that the challenging investment of the 2017 market needs to go through “Creativity-Added” to raise creativity
and be aware of every detail with understandings and bring values to expand opportunities in marketing to reach the Segment group
in depth. This is to meet the consumers lifestyle in various platform crossing forms.

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Founder and Group CEO of Index Creative Village Plc, all-rounded leader of creative marketing in Asean and ranked the World’s 7th best creative events company by Special Events Magazine (USA), said, “Because the consumers’ behavior
in this modern era is the factor that determines directions of the best marketing plan, including the technology that influences the rapid change, this makes businessmen and marketing personnels having to adapt in order to follow the consumers’ need which is permanently changing. Thus, to do marketing that meets the standard demands is no longer adequate, however, creativity-added will suffice not only
the value-added, but also increasing the product values or the brand itself by using the idea of “Creativity-Added”, the strategy that creates challenging investment to the 2017 market. It is to add creativity and be aware of every detail with true understandings to bring the real values. Since every industrial group needs to improve creativity to be different, memorable and interesting for the target group matching
the behavior and lifestyle trend of the consumers today, not only they need to focus on happiness, convenience, enjoyment and delicacy
in their lives, but they also need to bring out the differences which are the details that have to be taken care of in each individual group focusing on the target group and on what the consumers’ need matching with the strategy in order to adapt and alter to its most property.

Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin added, “Creativity – Added” strategy, it will expand the market opportunity in creating shared experiances delving into experiences with the consumers to create sentiment in doing with willingness by means of branding design and other products, this is called “Immersive Experience”, with the shared experiances of “Digi – Live Experience” combining on-ground and online world together in order to access consumer groups with 1. Virtual becomes Reality to connect and build a relationship for the consumers
and the product brands in both Digital and Real World 2. To access GLBT group which continually grows and becomes lucid in the CLMV group of Thailand which is an open country to accept the transsexual group the most compared to Korea and Japan. This can be viewed from the growth of the product brands and the products itself, including many events and Showbiz like EDM concerts and theatre plays
that focus on GLBT group which is a group with high purchasing power and an agglomerate group that can be connected quickly and leads to a way of communication that can persuade and match the consumers’ need by having Creativity-Added as a bridge between consumer groups and add liveliness to each event with uniqueness of various platforms crossing.


“Index Creative Village has been operating business under the creativity principle on both expanding business and preparation
on manpower which has driven the organisation to complete its goal by leaps and bounds. Recently, the business structure
has been improved once again to provide stability and distinctness in services to meet the customers’ need and the consumers efficiently, dividing into 3 main business groups:

1. Creative Business Development to give branding development services and create unique experiences in order to bring
   the values of tourist attractions consisting:
- Tourist and Visitor Attraction to attract tourists from all over the world.
- Brand Attraction to create essential new landmark with specific trait.
- Theme Park to provide liveliness and enjoyment through matters creatively.
- Museum to define and convey every aspect of demand.
- Exhibition: Permanent and Temporary to communicate a clear purpose.
- Conceptual Idea & Design Consulting with various experiences.
- The World Exposition to think creatively with new ideas and the world’s standard of expertise.

2. Marketing Service that gives services on planning, strategy and marketing consulting professionally consisting:
- Research to analyze consumers behaviors in depth.
- Event Marketing to provide startegy planning that will meet every demand aspect.
- Communications to plan and combine strategy in communicating both inside and outside the organisation.
- Marketing Consulting to give marketing advice professionally.
- TV & Multimedia to create achievment that has specific trait.
- Digital Online to reach consumers’ lifestyle diversely.
- Innovative In-Store Media to communicate through interactive media efficiently.
- Printing and Store Decoration which is a special form of printing innovation.
- Equipment Supply that supports every kind of work completely.

3. I -Project to give services to special projects with specific trait consisting:
- Showbiz to add briskness and entertainment varietally such as, Musical Festivals, Live – Shows and Concerts.
- Academic to convey knowledge and real experiences systematically such as , Seminars, Workshops, and Special Courses.
- Seasonal & Festive in the international level to attract tourists from all over the world such as, Light Festivals and Sport Festivals.
- Business Opportunity which is the business opportunity center of both domestically and internally such as Exclusive Business Tour
   and Trade Fair.

With the ability of connecting manament networks both domestically and internationally with the 3 main business groups that meet the various need using the strength of Know-How experiences and different expertise, it is certain that this will enable the ability to cumulate businesses in a new form with growing stability in both in the country and in ASEAN region entirely.”, Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin ended his speech.

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